Did you know that propane is called the “safe fuel”, and that nearly sixty million customers in all fifty states use some form of propane services?

The variety of propane uses includes home heating, water heating, pool and spa heating, cooking, grilling, and motor fuel.  The tanks or bottles that propane is stored in are extremely puncture resistant, being constructed of carbon steel.  Another safe aspect of propane is that, when released into the air, it becomes a vapor and does not contaminate water or air.  It has the lowest flammability rating of any alternative fuel.  Propane has earned its “safe fuel” reputation. Ed-140

Safely used by millions of Americans, and stored, handled, and transported by thousands of professionals every day, with propane, as with any energy source, there are steps you should take to further insure your safety.  It is of utmost importance that only trained professionals make repairs or modifications to tanks, and that installation and maintenance is done by those familiar with codes and regulations regarding propane tanks and products. Your propane supplier has employees trained in all aspects of delivering, installing and servicing propane systems and appliances. Contact your service provider when replacing appliances or for repair work of any kind.  Colorado state law requires that no work be performed on a propane gas system without the knowledge of your supplier.  Visit www.COPROPANE.com for more information.

Propane is an odorless gas that has a distinctive additive so that you and your family can detect a leak and get to safety in that event.  If you suspect a leak, evacuate everyone immediately, and call your propane provider.  Never enter an area where you detect a gas leak.

Always read instructions carefully prior to operating any propane gas appliance.  Keep combustible products away from propane tanks and appliances.  Know where your gas lines are located to avoid the risk of damage when digging.  Request your free “Gas Check” inspection every five years. For all your propane product and service needs, contact us at Ed Glaser Propane Inc., where we’ve been dependably supplying the propane needs of Eastern Colorado for more than sixty years.