Edward Glaser, the patriarch of the Glaser family and family propane business, was a wonderfully faceted man who built his life and business on the strongly-held values of hard work, honesty, and loyalty to his family, employees, customers, and community.

Edward and his wife of 73 years, Violet, were born and raised in the Calhan Colorado area and graduated from Calhan High School.  Each of their families owned businesses and were hard working people.  They grew their life together from the strong roots of humble beginnings, close family ties, and a strong work ethic.

During World War II, the newlywed couple moved to Oklahoma, where Edward was able to use his love of flying to train pilots for the war effort.  After returning to Calhan, Edward and Violet purchased the filling station his father owned, and they worked together in the family business.

Edward and Violet introduced propane to the people of Eastern Colorado.  They built their first office and appliance showroom in 1949, selling propane heaters, cook stoves, water heaters, and other appliances.  The company’s first two bobtail delivery trucks were International Harvester factory propane-powered vehicles.  In 1960, the company expanded business operations to Kiowa, Colorado, where storage tanks were installed and an office opened.  The Kiowa location, Glaser Gas and Equipment, has been successfully managed by Steve Herrick for over 60 years.

Edward and Violet believed in going above and beyond the call of duty in serving their customers, in maintaining integrity and a high standard of excellence in their business and lives.  They have passed these values down through the third generation of Glasers working the propane business in Calhan.  Edward and Violet’s vision for their propane business remains positive and strong into the future, their vision of providing local, dedicated customer service built on the foundation of family, community, and doing the right things right.

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